At Ascend we view ourselves as a health care company not one that just makes and sells pills. Everything we do is in step with value. We strive to create a quality product that not only is safe and effective but is also pharmaceutically elegant. Our tablets will not crumble and break causing retailers to lose some number of pills they have paid for and our capsules will have clear, easy to read imprints.

We are one of the only generic company’s to employ an actual practicing primary care physician as our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jeffery Katz. If you have a medical issue with one of our products Dr. Katz is available 24/7 to answer questions or point you in the right direction whether you are a patient using one of our products or a Pharmacists or Physician. Please see further information on reaching Dr. Katz in our safety section under products.

We also respect our visitors and customers time by providing as much information here as possible and by employing a “Single Point of Contact” approach with customers. Should you have any issue at all, large or small just contact your National Account Manager and they will happily ferry that issue through our company to resolution and report back to you. This will save you the trouble and potential difficulties of finding the right person or department.