Consumer Information

As stated, our number one goal at Ascend is to produce and provide you with safe and effective products at a price point that saves you money over brand name drug products. We sell all of our products as generic alternatives to off patent brands. In order for us to be able to do this we must first submit an application to US FDA that shows that our product is bio-equivalent to its brand name counterpart. It must contain the same active ingredient or ingredients in the same amounts and be shown to be absorbed by the body in an equivalent manner. Once the FDA agrees this is the case they approve our product to be sold and marketed as an alternative to the brand. Because we have not incurred the expense of inventing a brand new drug we are able to bring these products to market typically at significant savings to the brands.

While our products may be a different size, color or shape than what you have been taking, if your pharmacy has dispensed it as a generic alternative you can be confident you are getting the same medicine in the same amounts as you were prior.

Ascends products are primarily manufactured in the USA and India in our own manufacturing facilities. We have two US FDA approved manufacturing campuses in India as well as manufacturing campuses in CA and MO here in the USA. All of our facilities are regularly inspected by US FDA; follow all current Good Manufacturing Practices and are in good standing with all regulatory agencies.

We want you to be confident in our products. Please refer to our catalog section to see specific information about each product including if they contain certain dyes or gluten.