Ascend Labs was started in the early 2000’s as a product development company. Ascend worked with multiple companies assisting them in developing off patent medicines that would be brought to market as generics. After spending several years in this support role Ascend acquired a sales and marketing business which then enabled Ascend to develop and obtain FDA approval in its own name and launch these products into the market under its own label. In 2008 Ascend entered the market with its first three products in its own label.

Ascend then adopted a bifurcated strategy. It continued with its own organic in house development projects which would lead to additional FDA approvals that could be marketed and also sought out quality partners that had the expertise to gain FDA approvals but who lacked the ability to do product promotion, distribution and sales.

It was this strategy that in 2010 led Ascend to meet with principles of Alkem Labs. Alkem, at that time was a top 5 Indian pharma company, with over 10,000 employees and revenues exceeding 500 million dollars, looking to make inroads into the US market. An original partnership of using Ascend as exclusive agent for all its FDA approved drugs soon developed into the realization that Ascend and Alkem would be better being one company rather than two. So today Ascend is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alkem taking advantage of Alkem’s strong infrastructure and R&D to fuel growth from being a strong startup to an important generic manufacturer and provider suppling it’s now over 100 SKU’s to Hospitals, Pharmacies and Wholesalers thought the USA